Waterloo Research & Action Groups


Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs cooks and serves meals for free (with donations from Central Fresh Market, Full Circle Foods and Grainharvest Breadhouse). Why? Because food is a right, not a privilege. Because when we are hungry, we have the right to get what we need. Because poverty is a form of violence neither necessary nor natural. Because capitalism makes food a source of profit, not a source of nutrition. Because food does grow on trees. Because we need community, not control. Because we need homes, not jails. Because we need FOOD NOT BOMBS!

The serving happens at 1:30PM every Saturday in front of Kitchener City Hall (200 King St W.). Before that, we cook our soup at the Working Centre, which is located at 58 Queen St S. (just a few blocks away). Our leftover produce and soup is then driven to the House of Friendship in downtown Kitchener. We are always in need of volunteers to help cook, transport, and serve food!  For information contact fnb.kitchener@gmail.com

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Not My Laurier

“Not My Laurier: Golden Hawks Combatting Gender Violence” is a student run service that aims to build and foster a campus culture that is dedicated to challenging gender violence in our community and supporting survivors. We are committed to creating safe and inclusive spaces on an ongoing basis for students on both the Waterloo and Brantford campus to learn about the cultural causes of gender violence, challenge their own assumptions, and develop the tools necessary to be pro-social bystanders.  While the long-term goal is to reduce instances of sexual violence in our community, Not My Laurier’s role in this initiative is primarily to shift the campus culture among students to one that is rooted in respect, care, and anti-oppression.

Interested in volunteering? 
Email us at notmylaurier@gmail.com.

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KW Urban Harvesters

KW Urban Harvester’s initiative is to transform urban green spaces in the Kitchener/Waterloo Ontario area into anything sustainably edible. We seek to educate ourselves and others on how to grow food in urban settings, preserve the harvest, and save the seeds.

Our primary focus for the season is planting, maintaining, and harvesting the Northdale plot on the WLU campus. We also welcome the opportunity to work with community members who have yard space to share and transform into edible landscapes. Other initiatives within our group include forest gardening, urban foraging, and fruit tree harvesting as well as any other interests in urban agriculture that members would like to explore. If you are interested in getting involved, email us at kwurbanharvester@gmail.com.

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ShamRose is a non-for-profit active in building the Syrian and Arabic speaking communities since 2012. In the past year, we have focused on responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, on a local level. Our main venues of work include: assisting refugee sponsors during pre-arrival period, share knowledge with individuals and groups interested in sponsoring refugees, Arabic School, fundraising, and community events. 

ShamRose Refugee Support Center opened its doors in January 2016, to assist in resettlement and integration of Arab-speaking refugees and newcomers. Find out more information here! http://shamrose.ca/
Contact at: shamrosesyria@gmail.com

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Young City Growers

Young City Growers is a grassroots initiative focused on creating urban, sustainable agriculture opportunities for youth in the Waterloo Region. Do you care about the environment, gardening, food justice, anti-poverty or community-building? Young City Growers has an organic community garden right on Laurier campus. You can volunteer to garden and harvest (no experience needed!) and help with their affordable, weekly farmer's market, and take some fresh produce home in return!
Contact at: youngcitygrowers@gmail.com

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Brantford Research & Action Groups


Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent

Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC - pronounced "ask") is a collective working to end gendered and sexual violence through bottom-up and top-down change. This team of students, alumni and community members strives to dismantle rape culture on campus and in the community. ASCC promotes consent, supports survivors, engages in policy advocacy, sex positivity and LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity. We are most active in the Brantford and Kitchener-Waterloo communities. Visit ascconsent.com or email ascc.contact@gmail.com for more information

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