Funding requests are given to the Board of Directors (located on the Waterloo campus) and decided on during Board meetings. Please allow a minimum of four weeks for a review process. We welcome requests up to $500.

*Note: The current funding period for LSPIRG has been closed for the remainder of the season. Thank you to all the amazing groups and projects that have reached out to us. We’re a small organization, so unfortunately we cannot fund every request we get. But we look forward to another semester working with you and supporting great initiatives.

The next funding request period will be Jan 7th - 21st 2019

Have a project, event or campaign idea? Already running one but need some more financial support? Submit your requests at the beginning of next semester!

Project Types:

Project: Any one-time project or event, led by one or more LSPIRG members.

Research Project: Any one-time project whose primary focus is research, led by one or more LSPIRG members.

Community Partnership: Any one-time project, research project, or event, led by a community organization outside of Wilfrid Laurier University.

Research & Action Group Project: A funding request from and for the benefit of an already established LSPIRG Research and Group outside of the Group's currently existing budget.

Voluntourism Policy

Any requests for support of voluntourism activities shall be rejected as they neither reflect LSPIRG’s values nor fit with its mission.

Voluntourism refers to the combination of tourism with volunteering, particularly when the volunteer project has been tailored primarily to the desires of the volunteer, rather than to the needs of the host community.



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When do you need funding by?
Select which of the following best describes the nature of this project or event
Briefly summarize the purpose and the goal of this project or event. What do you want funding for? Describe the activities, costs, materials, research or training (max. 150 words).
Explain how this project or event will support LSPIRG’s mission to provide opportunities for its members to be agents of social change through community collaboration, research, and/or education.
Explain how this project or event will create positive social change relating to at least one of the following core values of LSPIRG: anti-oppression, ecological sustainability, and social progress (max. 150 words)
Specify what outcomes are expected to result from this project or event and how success will be measured.
Provide a budget for the overall project or event. If applicable, clearly distinguish which expenses LSPIRG is being asked to cover and which will be covered by other sources of funding.
Are you working with any other groups/faculties/clubs to achieve your goals? Are you receiving funding from any other sources?
Describe any additional, non-financial assistance (i.e. custom training).
Some examples are: online search, class talk, went to an LSPIRG event, volunteer(ed) with LSPIRG, etc

One-Time Funding Policy