It's difficult settling into a new role. It's even more difficult when you don't have someone you report to, but you're reported to by many. There's no time to test the water, the only option is to dive right in.

Kate and I (Allison) are doing our best to navigate this fairly unique employment situation - and forgive my boastfulness - but there are some awesome things on the horizon. On an administrative level, a number of volunteer coordinators have been hired and are working on a broad spectrum of projects from engaging students in international politics to a study of LSPIRGs communication reach and impact. Board work is well underway, in fact, the first meeting of the incoming board and staff will be held tonight. An agenda is available online here.

We're working toward brand recognition and development through a revamped website, logo, all-over online presence and introduction of social-awareness events like feature documentary nights. Finally, regarding community development, LSPIRG is already working toward partnerships with Open Streets, Tri-Pride, the Anti-Violence Festival and WLUSU's OWeek.

For a more detailed look at LSPIRG's monthly themes and projects, you can check out our calendar or get in contact with us to take part - dive in, the water's great!

Photo by: David Campbell, Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by: David Campbell, Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons