LSPIRG is pleased to reveal it's revitalized logo and brand!

LSPIRG is pleased to reveal it's revitalized logo and brand!

Anyone who has worked in student groups, or non-profits more generally will understand the trials on internal history of an organization. "The way it's always been done" is the nail on a chalkboard to anyone starting in an organization looking for answers of substance. That being said, the past of an organization is often where the roots, the heart of that group's purpose can be found. 

On May 1, 2014, LSPIRG began a new chapter of recognizing internal history, exploring the successes of it, and growing from lessons on the past. If you don't already know, the Executive Director and student intern positions were amalgamated and reorganized into two new staff positions,  the Administration and Development Director and the Communication and Community Director, both of which will oversee volunteer teams. 

This switch is intended to better serve the campus and community membership, to grow as a recognized source of research and to better fund enriching experiences that influence social change. 

What does this mean for you? New initiatives will trickle onto campus including a rebrand and media campaign. A partnership with CCRLA will spark more diverse, high level research opportunities for students. We'll begin to work with partners on the Brantford campus. We have hopes that while LSPIRG's presence in both campuses and communities will grow and develop but we'll be making small movements toward this; funding the projects of students looking to better their experience, encouraging social engagement, or simply cultivating some community. 

These small steps are the make up of LSPIRG's history at Laurier; it's what we're rooted in. Grassrooted.