Know Your LSPIRG Staff: Hannah Batten

This is the fifth instalment of the "know your LSPIRG staff series." Meet Hannah Batten, newly hired Volunteer Engagement Director. On the spot interviewed by Lakyn Barton and Mohammad Akbar.

Something people wouldn’t guess about you?

I’m a triplet.

What has surprised you most about Laurier and KW so far?

I’m still learning Laurier but as much as KW feels like two different cities they have a connection. People tend to be outside a lot right now which is great. There’s also a lot more social services and support services here! And lots of festivals! that’s great - like every week.

If you emptied your bag right now what’s one thing in it that others might find interesting?

*proceeds to actually empty her bag*

A bar of soap, a communist magazine, and a pouch of rocks, shells, coins and stones that I always have on me.

Favourite schoolyard game?

I really liked hopscotch.

If you could be any plant or an animal what would you be?

Willow tree. Because they are tall, and hid under them, often by water (I like water), offer people shade, and pretty.

Favourite volunteer experience?

When I lived in California I worked for an older man in his garden. He would insist we drink lemonade but he never actually had lemon aid and I always had to run and get lemons.

Favourite planet?

Jupiter - I like the colours.

What FRIENDS character would you be?

A mix between Chandler and Phoebe.